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RSS History

The founder of Rehman Security Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. made his debut in Security industry in 1998, sowing a seed that today is a giant tree that is still growing and branching out. That one bold step, 23 years later has led to a great business house that grows stronger and with every season and every challenge.

⦿ Company got the Certificate of Incorporation in 1998 from Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan

⦿ License to operate in AJ& K was issued in 1999 by the Ministry of Interior, Govt. of the State  of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

⦿ No Objection Certificate (NOC) to operate in all of Pakistan was issued in 2002 by the Ministry  of Interior, Govt. of Pakistan

⦿ License to operate in the Province of Punjab issued in 2004 by Home Department, Govt. of Punjab.

⦿ License to operate in ICT Islamabad was issued in 2008, Chief Commissioner of Islamabad, Capital Territory.

⦿ License to operate in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa was issued in 2009, Home & Tribal             Affairs Department, Govt. of KPK.

⦿ License to establish & operate a Wireless Communication Network was issued in  2008 by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Islamabad.

⦿ License to operate in the Province of Baluchistan issued in 2009 by Home Department, Govt. of Baluchistan.

System Excelence

⦿ Organic Structure for Quick Response.

⦿ 24/7 operational control room.

⦿ Empowerment of Employees.

⦿ Excellent Communication and Mobility.

⦿ Round the Clock Checking.

⦿ Round the Clock Telephone Monitoring.

⦿ Round the Clock Complaints Attendance.

⦿ Relief and Rotation Plan.

⦿ Stand-by Quick Reactionary Force.

⦿ Continuous Improvement in System Based on Feedback of Clients

Client Satisfaction

We have organized our system in a manner that satisfies our clients and we take prompt action on the basis of feedback provided by our valuable clients.

⦿ Achieve Operational Excellence to Satisfy our Clients

⦿ Frequent Interaction with Clients for Feedback

⦿ Prompt Response to Clients Feedback

⦿ Upgrade System as per Feedback

⦿ Provide Security as per Peculiar Requirements of the Clients

⦿ Quick Response when Things go wrong

We have attached herewith a few copies of comments about RSS Services by our clients.

⦿ We Strive to be the Best Employer for People

⦿ Structured Recruitment & Selection

⦿ Training And Development:
  • Three days Induction and Orientation Training
  • Motivation Training
  • On job Training by Supervisor / Checkers
  • Informal Counseling by Security Officers of Company
  • On completion of one month Service, Ex-service Men / Trained Guards are imparted one week training and Un-trained Guards undergo for two weeks Training from Elite Force Training School& all Pakistan Security Agencies Associations covering following subjects:
    • Drill with and without Arms
    • Physical Fitness
    • Weapons Training and Firing Practice o Civil / Police Procedures
    • Duties of Security Guards at Various Places o First Aid / Fire Fighting Techniques
    • Handling of Security Equipment
    • Protection on the Move
    • Close in Protection of VIP’s
    • Defense Against Terrorist / Dacoits and Action taken in case of Emergency
⦿ Compensation Strategy:
  • Internally Consistent
  • Market Competitive
  • Recognition Of Individual Contributions
  • Long Term Association
⦿ Growth Opportunities:
  • Ample Promotion Opportunities:
    • From Junior Guard to Chief Supervisor (Six Positions)
    • From Supervisor to Manager (Six Positions)
    • From Assistant Security Officer to Manager (Four Positions)
  • Other Benefits:
    • Bonuses
    • Cash Prizes
    • Employees Old Age Benefit Institute
    • Social Security
    • Group Insurance
    • Free Conveyance
    • Free Accommodation
    • Merit Certificates
    • Performance Excellence Awards